Self Hypnosis: How Can It Help?

Self hypnosis (i.e., self-hypnosis) has helped many people solve problems that they want to fix with themselves where other solutions have failed.  Unfortunately, it’s often used as a last-ditch effort when so many other supposed remedies haven’t lived up to their hype.

 “Self hypnosis, or autohypnosis, is “a form, a process, or the result of a self-induced hypnotic state.  Frequently, self-hypnosis is used as a vehicle to enhance the efficacy of self-suggestion, and in such cases, the subject plays the dual role of a suggester and suggestee.” (1)

Simply put, there is a direct connection between the images and stories being told in your mind, and our bodies.  Just think of meditation and visualization techniques.

While people have used the benefits of meditation (link) across cultures for generations to improve concentration, reduce their stress, improve outlook, self hypnosis is a deeper state of introspection.  If, as Wikipedia states, it’s used as a way for people to increase the power of self-suggestion, it can be a tool to alter or enhance behaviors that lead to a desired result. 

Self hypnosis and hypnotherapy (medically-guided hypnosis) have some similarities, and both certainly have their benefits. But hypnotherapy requires the coordination with a medical professional.

Results from self hypnosis can be achieve through:

  1. Repetitious auto suggestion:  repeating the same types of statements (positive affirmations) to yourself until the mind accepts them as reality
  2. Guided imagery or suggestions.  Today, this is often done through use of either online hypnosis (something played from a website or online video), or through hypnosis downloads (mp3, cds, etc.)

If done correctly with the right guided verbiage and imagery, self-hypnosis can be a method of solving many problems.  People have used it for such things as reducing stress, losing weight, reducing anxiety, changing emotional patterns (like feeling better after a break-up), changing self-limiting beliefs, and help with addiction to smoking or alcohol.

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